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29/09/14 «Michelin» stars for Ukraine!


Telecontact Ukraine the professional BPO Company took part in the international competition «ContactCenterWorld» hosted by the Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking. Ukrainian site of Telecontact located in Zhitomir won the Silver Medal in the category of Best Contact Center — Large Outsourced.

This is the most significant award in contact center world — like a Michelin stars for excellence in restaurant business. This award means the highest quality and the best service!

This award can’t be bought or rented. It can only be earned — by high skill, hard work, efficient organization of the business. And it’s easy to lose — you only lose the compliance with recognized standards of quality.

Michelin stars prove that you meet the main conditions: freshness of the initial products, the quality of created dishes at the time of their preparation. And the third — everything has to be tasty.

The Medal of Best Contact Center proves that our contact center matches 3 main conditions: right processes, effective technology, productive and motivated team. And the main condition — the result on each step should always be equally perfect: in quality assurance, work force management, technical support and daily performance. And the perfection should be constant day by day, but only on holydays.

The Michelin star guarantees that the cuisine, wine, decor, service and the bill (!) will be on the exceptional level. The single feature that differentiates Telecontact Ukraine from a Michelin starred restaurant is the reasonable price.

Enjoy your business, as we do!

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