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16/07/14 Telecontact, leading Russian contact center outsourcer: how to improve clients’ satisfaction

TelecontactSince our aim is to stay on top of Russian outsourcing market providing to our clients unique CC services, here at Telecontact we place high emphasis on clients’ satisfaction. Two years ago we started working on a specialized in-house programme dedicated to this issue.

We know that clients’ satisfaction is driven by customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is driven by Quality. We focused on the international quality standard COPC 2000 CSP and our own experience. The main goal was to make a quality management tool allowing to implement various outsourcing CC projects along with all requirements of the standard.

Lately we finished development of the version 3 of our Quality Management Tool — QMT 3.0. It is our proprietary solution deeply integrated with our agent web-based application. For the moment QMT 3.0 is the strong independent tool which can be deployed for any project or call center. It is web-based and easy to use. It took more than 5000 hours of programming and a huge expertise to create a simple, flexible and proactive system. All steps of quality process are performed and tracked in this system which allows us to have more information about quality score, and be proactive for our clients. In other words all project information and voice recordings can be executed from QMT and each user role have own set of options:

  1. Transaction Monitoring allows Team Leads and Supervisor to select calls and transactions to be monitored, listen to calls or view e-mails with all information which were registered by agents in scripts and then evaluate transactions according to quality monitoring scale. All these actions can be done in one interface and it’s not required to load another scripts or systems.
  2. Task Management allows to Team Leads assign task to Supervisor and Coach for monitoring, calibration, and training and also control deadline, time frame, and performance results.
  3. Calibration allows to organize calibration session and view calibrations reports.
  4. Educational Plan allows to create educational plan for a team or individual agents according to theirs quality results.
  5. Coaching and Training Journal allows Team Lead and Supervisor to track all coaching session and training after all quality monitoring session. QA Manager can control the efficiency of Team Leads and Supervisors by using this interface.
  6. Reporting provides all information and all results in required forms. There are two kinds of reports, standard and custom. Each project can create own custom reports if required by the program.

At the moment QMT 3.0 involves more than 3500 employees on 10 sites in 4 countries. And the system brings us additional value. Using the system during last 9 months we increased Clients’ Satisfaction rate 9% and decreased the Attrition rate 22%. How? Less time for manual work → More time for coaching → Better individual agents’ metrics and better understanding of company policy → More money for the good job → as a result Attrition Rate decreasing and Employee Satisfaction increasing. In the nearest future we plan to start selling QMT 3.0 as an independent software product.

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