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FRESH Telecontact: international gold again!

Telecontact has won the European Contact Center World 2016 in the prestigious nomination called Best Technology Innovation - Internal Solution. This is the second "gold" for TELECONTACT in this challenging category, and the 15th award for Telecontact at this forum in the overall ranking from 2011.



Moreover, Telecontact has competed in the category with the highest number of participants called Best Outsourcing Partnership. Telecontact has had a successful debut by winning silver medal, outrunning three other participants.

09/12/14 Reinsuring sales by Telecontact

The Ukrainian Association of Contact Centers held a regular conference "Best practices of customer service", attended by more than 180 professionals from all regions of Ukraine, as well as Germany, Turkey and Moldova.



During the conference, Tatiana Slobodyanyuk, director of Telecontact Ukraine, presented a practical case on an ambitious sales project. This project was launched with the Ukrainian representative office of the insurance company MetLife - the largest insurance company for life insurance in the world.

29/11/14 Telecontact: sales contrary to Newton's second law.

On 12th-13th of November in Moscow Holiday Inn Lesnaya Denis Sadowski, CEO of call-center TELECONTACT held a master class on sales.




Telecontact is the best call center in Russia (, the leader of national outsourcing market (source: RBC Research). Above 4000 employees on 10 sites in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Hundreds of CRM/BPO programs since 1999, local and European languages. Success stories with major international players. Award-winning solutions (awards of the Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking «ContactCenterWorld»), patented technologies, unique expertise.

29/09/14 «Michelin» stars for Ukraine!

Telecontact Ukraine the professional BPO Company took part in the international competition «ContactCenterWorld» hosted by the Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking. Ukrainian site of Telecontact located in Zhitomir won the Silver Medal in the category of Best Contact Center — Large Outsourced.



This is the most significant award in contact center world — like a Michelin stars for excellence in restaurant business. This award means the highest quality and the best service! This award can’t be bought or rented. It can only be earned — by high skill, hard work, efficient organization of the business. And it’s easy to lose — you only lose the compliance with recognized standards of quality.

09/09/14 Blossom of embroidery

On August 24th, the Independence Day of Ukraine, vyshyvanka (national Ukrainian embroidered shirt) has blossomed in our hearts, in our city, in our company. Our business world in a moment turned into an incredible glade where the unity abounds, where the leitmotif of understanding blooms! And in this moment you feel that you are among of like-minded people who live one purpose, are ready to share their enthusiasm and their feelings!



«Blossom of Embroidery» the festival that we have created together in Telecontact Zhitomir. It was an incredible performance, because the whole team, every employee was in Ukrainian incredible colors! And despite the fact that this bloom was only one day, it leaves color flavor of unifying mood!

01/08/14 Telecontact: calling to success!

The best outsourcing contact center in Russia «Telecontact» won the Silver Medal of the Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking «ContactCenterWorld» in the category of Best Outbound campaign! Telecontact shared the case about the most ambitious sales project. This project was launched with the largest Russian Bank with the operations all over the Russia: from the Kaliningrad in the West to Vladivostok on the East. We started the outbound telemarketing campaign and it took us only one month to rump-up: for programming, recruiting and training.



For this Bank it was the balancing system — the possibility to arrange appointments in each city according to the forecast for each branch. So, the Bank can easily manage the sales forecast (meaning they can manage the work load for each branch). Telecontact likes complicated and ambitious projects! Maybe the next one we’ll launch with you?

16/07/14 Telecontact, leading Russian contact center outsourcer: how to improve clients’ satisfaction

Since our aim is to stay on top of Russian outsourcing market providing to our clients unique CC services, here at Telecontact we place high emphasis on clients’ satisfaction. Two years ago we started working on a specialized in-house programme dedicated to this issue.



At the moment QMT 3.0 involves more than 3500 employees on 10 sites in 4 countries. And the system brings us additional value. Using the system during last 9 months we increased Clients’ Satisfaction rate 9% and decreased the Attrition rate 22%. How? Less time for manual work → More time for coaching → Better individual agents’ metrics and better understanding of company policy → More money for the good job → as a result Attrition Rate decreasing and Employee Satisfaction increasing. In the nearest future we plan to start selling QMT 3.0 as an independent software product.

19/06/14 Best call center in Russia«Telecontact» – shares its secrets

Gold medalist of the Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking “ContactCenterWorld” in the category of Best Contact Center Support Professional - Workforce Planning, Andrey Denisevich with colleagues from indoor WFM department held a seminar for Telecontact clients on the finer points of the setup of Verint WFM system.



To optimize the contact center operation and personnel management Telecontact implemented a staff management tool “VERINT Workforce Management” in 2008. It was the first implementation of the systems of such class in the Russian market of outsourcing contact centers. System has improved the quality of service and reduced personnel costs through optimal shifts scheduling and increasing the transparency of the main departments. Company employees got an instrument for smart planning, analysis and monitoring of schedules, increasing productivity and discipline in the contact center, and the company management expanded the possibilities of operational management of the contact center due to additional tools to collect statistics. Long-term usage experience of this system allows to hold regular seminars for customers who are interested in the contact center optimization.

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