Russian Lagest Outsourced Call Center

01/08/14 Telecontact: calling to success!

The best outsourcing contact center in Russia «TELECONTACT» won the Silver Medal of the Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking «ContactCenterWorld» in the category of Best Outbound campaign!

TELECONTACT shared the case about the most ambitious sales project.

This project was launched with the largest Russian Bank with the operations all over the Russia: from the Kaliningrad in the West to Vladivostok on the East. We started the outbound telemarketing campaign and it took us only one month to rump-up: for programming, recruiting and training.

During 1 year we increased the sales rate more than 3 times — up to 80%.

How we did it?

We’ve used 3 main TELECONTACT pillars:


  • Education + monitoring system;
  • Motivation system;
  • And tailor-made CRM system (we call it «script») — the technology platform with automatic data transfer between TELECONTACT and the Bank (including blending for inbound and outbound calls; automatic emailing and sms).

We exceed Client’s expectations for all KPIs and earned the Client’s satisfaction. Great results, isn’t?

But TELECONTACT go further! We always give our Clients the additional value!


For this Bank it was the balancing system — the possibility to arrange appointments in each city according to the forecast for each branch. So, the Bank can easily manage the sales forecast (meaning they can manage the work load for each branch). TELECONTACT likes complicated and ambitious projects! Maybe the next one we’ll launch with you?

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