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09/09/14 Blossom of embroidery

On August 24th, the Independence Day of Ukraine, vyshyvanka (national Ukrainian embroidered shirt) has blossomed in our hearts, in our city, in our company. Our business world in a moment turned into an incredible glade where the unity abounds, where the leitmotif of understanding blooms! And in this moment you feel that you are among of like-minded people who live one purpose, are ready to share their enthusiasm and their feelings!

«Blossom of Embroidery» the festival that we have created together in Telecontact Zhitomir. It was an incredible performance, because the whole team, every employee was in Ukrainian incredible colors! And despite the fact that this bloom was only one day, it leaves color flavor of unifying mood!


For each Ukrainian vyshyvanka is not just a holyday shirt. Vyshyvanka is the history of Ukrainian people, on a white cloth embroidered with colored threads, each of them tells about something special. Here the red thread of love and cornflower ribbon of endless sky and even black color of life difficulties is woven into the lifetime! It is very important that it unites us, moves us to achieve something new, something big, something meaningful!

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