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09/12/14 Reinsuring sales by Telecontact

The Ukrainian Association of Contact Centers held a regular conference "Best practices of customer service", attended by more than 180 professionals from all regions of Ukraine, as well as Germany, Turkey and Moldova.

During the conference, Tatiana Slobodyanyuk, director of Telecontact Ukraine, presented a practical case on an ambitious sales project. This project was launched with the Ukrainian representative office of the insurance company MetLife - the largest insurance company for life insurance in the world.

The project was implemented in a fairly short period of time and has demonstrated incredible results! With the expected Response rate of 8% - Telecontact results during the first month proved to be much higher - almost 44%, and in 3 months we achieved 52%. Thus the cost of services decreased by 11%. Details of the case can be found here.

MetLife cooperated with Telecontact because of guaranteed result - strong sales, as well as the guarantee of confidentiality and protection of personal data of its customers. Nowadays Telecontact Ukraine shows the best results in comparison with similar projects of MetLife in EMEA.

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